Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lego City Fun Zone - Fire

We found all of the Lego Fire activities and games on The links below will lead you directly to all the fun kids Lego Fire stuff. They have quizzes, maps, movies, games, wallpapers, and much more. When you done with the fire stuff you can check out all the rest of the Lego City activities by going to the main fun zone page.

Lego City Fire Truck Game

Lego City Map - Click the Fire Station

Lego City Quizzes

Lego Fire Movie

Lego Fire Department MP3

Lego Fire and City Wallpapers

Lego Fire Poster

Lego Fire Screensaver

Lego Fire and City Coloring Pages

Lego Fire and City Connect the Dot Drawing Pages

Lego Fire Party Cards

Lego Fire Invitations - Party Invitation / Invites Cards

The Main Lego City Fun Zone Page

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